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Advent rolls out Chassis.com for phone-based inspection reporting

By: | at 08:00 PM | Intermodal  

Advent, Inc. announced the launch of Chassis.com, the only chassis inspection system that satisfies the new FMCSA chassis roadability requirements while also providing access to a full suite of transportation tools. Built on the backbone of Advent’s transportation suite of products, Chassis.com integrates IVR-based chassis inspection reporting with Advent’s Centralized EDI framework and robust M&R system.

Chassis.com lets Intermodal Equipment Providers comply with the new FMCSA rules and extend their operational capabilities at the same time. Chassis.com is the only chassis inspection system that enables Intermodal Equipment Providers to immediately meet the new FMCSA chassis roadability requirements through either a hosted solution or an enterprise source code license. With an enterprise license, each IEP also has the flexibility of owning and implementing the Chassis.com application within its own environment and controlling its own data. In addition to an added level of security, the enterprise option also provides IEPs with a platform upon which to add many extensions to their existing IT infrastructure. Chassis.com is much more than an IVR phone system for DVIR reporting. Leveraging Advent’s suite of PCS products, this system also offers an integrated EDI system and Maintenance and Repair module. Utilizing our exiting EDI framework, Chassis.com can match DVIRs to 322 gate transactions to determine the correct facility and manage the equipment hold process.

The M&R module is ideal for IEPs who would like to consolidate their management of both full inspections and periodic maintenance. External vendors can access the M&R system via a secure login to submit estimates and repair work orders. Internal IEP staff can instantly view this information in the management console, and track it through the process without leaving Chassis.com