Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. renegotiates Georgia facility lease

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Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc. announced that its Cargo Connection Logistics Corp. subsidiary successfully renegotiated its lease with LIT/Hodges Industrial Trust for its 27,520 sq. ft. Atlanta facility. As a result of the negotiations, the Company extended its current lease, which runs through June 30, 2008, for ten years. In addition, it has successfully lowered its monthly rental payments effective immediately.

“As part of our continuing efforts to improve the Company’s financial condition, we have negotiated a very favorable agreement with LIT/Hodges Industrial and look forward to continuing our relationship with them,” said Jesse Dobrinsky, CEO of Cargo Connection Logistics Holding, Inc.

“By agreeing to this ten-year lease extension, the Company is committed to the Atlanta marketplace and will continue to operate in its current facility without disruption,” said Christopher Madden, Cargo Connection Logistics Corp.‘s director of operations. “Our Atlanta hub has become a valuable part of our Company and we are seeking to expand operations and services offered to our customers from this facility.”