Ccnfidex, the tag provider for returnable transit items

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Confidex, a leading manufacturer of UHF Gen2 Passive RFID tags, including a versatile portfolio of tags for IT Assets, Returnable Transit Items (RTIs), and Industrial Assets, announced the extension of its UHF RFID product portfolio with new tags for returnable transit item tagging. The Confidex Ironside Micro and the RPC (returnable plastic container) tag family will bring even more options for reliable high-performance RTI tagging. The new products enhance Confidex as the leading supplier of high quality tags for returnable transit items. 

Since the launch of Confidex Survivor - the very first encapsulated Class1 Gen2 tag in the market - in 2006, the Confidex tag portfolio has been fulfilling the tag need for returnable transit item (RTI) tracking applications. RTI’s are used widely throughout many industries for transporting food, warehousing goods or storing or supplying parts at/to car manufacturing plants. In addition, for example several postal companies are using both metal and plastic returnable transit items in their logistics operations. 

In order to maximize flexibility for the identification system, the tag should be optimized for the returnable transit item surface material and tolerate the same environmental conditions that the RTI faces throughout its lifecycle. Confidex’s broad product range covers tag solutions for applications ranging from wooden and metal pallets to plastic crates and metal roll cages. 

The newest addition of tags for metal RTI’s is the Confidex Ironside Micro. Like the industry benchmark Confidex Ironside, the new and smaller Ironside Micro is tuned for metal use and brings a high level of robustness to meet the strict requirements of industrial returnable transit item tracking applications. The Ironside Micro encapsulation is IP68 level and the tag requires a space of only approx. 1 square inch. The read range is up to 4 meters with the maximum allowed reader power. 

The Confidex RPC tag family is designed to meet the challenges presented by the washable plastic container applications in various ways. Some of the main challenges in this area are the restrictions in the sizes of the areas available for attaching the tags. Moreover, both the contents in the plastic crates and the level of risk for mechanical impacts are to be considered when selecting a suitable tag for any given application. The three products in the RPC tag family, Carrier, Carrier Pro and Carrier Tough, meet the stringent requirements of plastic container tagging.


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