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Upcoming major HTS updates—10 steps manufacturers should take now

AJOT | April 30, 2006 | International Trade

(Editor's note: The following appeared in the mid-April edition of JPMorgan Chase Vastera's customer newsletter.)

Every five years, the World Customs Organization updates the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) nomenclature at the international (6-d Read More »

US-China deals aim to narrow trade gap

AJOT | April 23, 2006 | International Trade

The United States has won a string of commitments from China aimed at narrowing a record trade gap, but the White House put Beijing on notice the promises must be followed by action. Read More »

US trade shortfall shrinks

AJOT | April 23, 2006 | International Trade

America's trade shortfall with the rest of the world became a little smaller during February, as US consumers bought fewer foreign-made cars and televisions and the politically sensitive deficit with China narrowed markedly, just in time for China Preside Read More »

Budget trumps trade

AJOT | April 23, 2006 | International Trade

On a day when the future of global trade talks was widely reported to be in jeopardy, President Bush nominated the respected US Trade Representative to serve as his new budget director. The move and timing don't bode well for the Doha round of negotiation Read More »

Consumers urge Bush: Illegal duties on Canadian Softwood lumber should end

AJOT | April 16, 2006 | International Trade

US consumer groups have called on the Bush Administration not to appeal a decision by the US Court of International Trade saying that the US had violated its own law by applying the "Byrd Amendment" to countervailing and antidumping duties imposed on Cana Read More »

CBP considering outsourcing security validations

AJOT | April 09, 2006 | International Trade

Under fire for failing to exploit the full potential of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection recently proclaimed its willingness to consider hiring private-sector contractors to perform security vali Read More »

Richard Bolte, Sr., to receive Chemical Heritage Foundation award

AJOT | April 09, 2006 | International Trade

Founder and chairman of Philadelphia-based logistics firm, BDP International, will accept first CHF Award for Supporting Industries at Heritage Day, May 18, 2006 Read More »

Congress asks for investigation on device trade barriers

AJOT | April 09, 2006 | International Trade

House Ways and Means Committee members are asking the International Trade Commission (ITC) for a probe into the competitive conditions affecting the US medical device trade in foreign markets, particularly Japan. In a recent letter to the ITC, Rep. Bill T Read More »

China’s sharp export growth brings more trade disputes

AJOT | April 09, 2006 | International Trade

A week after the European Union announced an antidumping tax on Chinese shoes on March 23, the EU and the United States have filed a WTO complaint against China over auto parts and the EU said it would resume an antidumping tax on Chinese color television Read More »

Latin American, Caribbean economies grew 4.3% in ‘05

AJOT | April 09, 2006 | International Trade

Last year, the region's economies benefitted from expanding world trade, high commodity prices and unusually attractive lending terms, but they grew at a slower pace than in 2004, the IDB said. That year, growth averaged 5.9% growth, it added. Read More »

ITC launches investigation on possible modifications to NAFTA rules of origin

AJOT | April 02, 2006 | International Trade

The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) is seeking input on a newly initiated investigation concerning proposed modifications to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rules of origin. Read More »

US Treasury urges persuasion on China forex reform

AJOT | April 02, 2006 | International Trade

The US Treasury's top priority is persuading China to let its currency rise but that goal will more likely be achieved through diplomacy than pressure, a senior Treasury official said. Read More »

China seeks to achieve trade balance

AJOT | April 02, 2006 | International Trade

"We reckon China may need two to three years to achieve a balance in international trade" after a mix of measures were introduced, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), said in a speech delivered on March 20. Read More »

Byrd Amendment controversy far from over

AJOT | March 26, 2006 | International Trade

The repeal of the Byrd Amendment may spark a flurry of countervailing duty and antidumping petitions, according to an international trade attorney. That's because the repeal does not take effect until October 2007, allowing US companies that could profit Read More »

Gutierrez says China must reform economy to avoid US backlash

AJOT | March 26, 2006 | International Trade

The US commerce secretary warned that China's failure to reform its economic policies plays into the hands of US lawmakers eager to 'build protectionist barriers around the US market.' Read More »

US industries denounce or welcome NAFTA ruling in favor of Canadian softwood

AJOT | March 26, 2006 | International Trade

The recent NAFTA panel decision finding the countervailing duty placed by the United States on Canadian softwood lumber to be unlawful has elicited mixed reactions from US industry groups. The Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, a group of US lumber produc Read More »

World Bank Report assesses two decades of global trade programs

AJOT | March 26, 2006 | International Trade

The $38 billion in World Bank financing for trade programs since 1987 helped open markets, but were not as effective as anticipated in boosting exports and growth, and alleviating poverty, according to a new report issued by the institution's Independent Read More »

EU approves further delay of wood packaging rule

AJOT | March 19, 2006 | International Trade

The US Department of Commerce applauded the European Union's (EU) decision on February 6, 2006 to delay, until January 1, 2009, a new wood packaging rule that US industry claimed could affect nearly half of US exports to the EU, worth approximately $80 bi Read More »

Canada economic report sees record business volume

AJOT | March 19, 2006 | International Trade

Export Development Canada (EDC) announced it extended a record $57.4 billion in trade finance and risk management services in 2005, a 4.6% increase over 2004. Exports and investments in emerging markets totaled $13.3 billion, a 14.6% increase. Read More »

CBSA finds US grain corn imports dumped and subsidized

AJOT | March 19, 2006 | International Trade

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) issued a final determination (FD) that US grain corn imports to Canada are dumped and subsidized. Under the FD, definitive anti-dumping and countervailing (AD/CV) duties totaling $US1.65/bushel will continue to be impo Read More »