Deringer looks to the future of regulatory compliance

By: | at 08:00 PM | Transport Intermediaries  

A.N. Deringer, Inc., the largest, privately held Customs broker in the U.S. and industry leader in the realm of Customs compliance, has entered into an agreement with Kewill, Ltd. to transition to Kewill Customs.

As a pioneer in the world of trade regulations, Deringer has achieved many firsts in the industry and as a participant in the Simplified Entry pilot, wants to stay ahead of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) compliance curve by providing customers all of the functionality that ACE has to offer. “As the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has adopted a more agile development process, Kewill Customs’ flexible platform will enable Deringer to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory environment including enhancements to ACE, which is the future of CBP,” commented Amy Magnus, Deringer’s Director of Customs Affairs and Compliance.

The Kewill Customs platform is also complemented by a powerful document imaging solution, which is elegant and will accommodate the rapid transmission of documents to CBP, as CBP begins to accept more and more information through ACE imaging (DIS). This will allow both CBP and participating government agencies increased visibility and may assist them in their decision making process so that they can release shipments more expeditiously, or satisfy their concerns with a document review in lieu of a costly physical exam.