Evergreen launches Adriatic Feeder Service (AFS)

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Evergreen Line launched a regional service to central Adriatic and Balkan ports in June. The Adriatic Feeder Service (AFS) will significantly improve the existing Intra-Mediterranean feeder network with a hub in Taranto, Italy.

The first sailing, the 974-teu vessel Iris Bolten departed from Taranto on June 13, 2008. Ports of call on the seven day rotation are as follows:

Taranto - Ancona (Italy) - Ploce (Croatia) - Bar (Montenegro) ’ Durres (Albania) - Taranto.

Durres (Albania) will be served upon inducement.

An Evergreen Line spokesperson said: “The Adriatic Feeder Service will provide customers with greater capacity, more port coverage in the Mediterranean and a more flexible service in the central Adriatic and Balkan markets.’