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Footwear Motor Freight Rates To Jump In January

By: | at 07:00 PM | Intermodal  

According to a recent report published by the AAFA (Apparel and Footwear Association) a change in classification will lift motor freight rates on footwear. The article cites a report issued by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Commodity Classification Standards Board from October 27 that the group plans to change the classification of footwear from Class 100 to Class 150. If the plan proceeds as scheduled on January 9, 2010, the classification change will result in a 50 percent increase in transportation costs for the footwear industry. The proposal is contained in Docket #3, which was approved at an October 19 open meeting held by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.

The AAFA (among others) has objected to the reclassification. By procedure, after each decision, there is a 30-day review period, which has already past. Presently the AAFA is planning to ask that footwear be reclassified back to its original classification during their February meeting. Alternatively, the reclassification may become’a legal matter.