NYK Line announces start of the NYK Cool Earth Project

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The issue of climate change is currently considered one of the most momentous concerns of our time, and companies around the world would be ill-advised to turn their attention from this matter. In this light, the NYK Group’a global logistics integrator that has operations spanning sea, land, and air’considers it imperative to squarely address environmental concerns by responsibly engaging in endeavors that are pertinent, constructive, and helpful to the society that we inhabit.

In 1992, NYK established the company’s Safety Management Committee, and nearly a decade later, expanded the scope of this committee and gave it a new name: the Safety and Environmental Management Committee. The company has since taken a proactive stance on environmental issues, as illustrated by the company-wide Save Bunker 07 Campaign from October 2005 to March 2007 and the Save Bunker Plus Campaign from April 2007 to March 2008. Both of these campaigns focused on paring down soaring fuel expenses and reducing CO2 emissions.

In view of fast-mounting discussions both in Japan and abroad about environmental issues, not to mention the utmost importance the company is ethically bound to give such concerns, NYK president Koji Miyahara has set in motion the NYK Cool Earth Project. In this project, the strength of the entire NYK Group will be mobilized to address the following five tasks:

  • 1) To strive under a spirit of challenge for revolutionary innovation of hardware and equipment, including the development of a cutting-edge engine capable of reducing CO2 and other gas emissions to bottommost levels.
  • 2) To properly respond to policy discussions to be undertaken hereafter both in Japan and abroad between governments and various organizations, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Japan Business Federation, and Japanese Shipowners’ Association.
  • 3) To accurately grasp and evaluate related economic matters, such as an expansion of capital spending and a reduction of fuel expenses.
  • 4) To study possible business-model reforms that can help address environmental concerns, reforms such as an increase in ships navigating at reduced speeds.
  • 5) To make a variety of environmentally conscious contributions to society.

In view of the importance and urgency of the issues involved, President Miyahara has decided to directly oversee the activities of this project.

Because the next two years are expected to be of utmost relevance, this project has been set to begin on April 1 and run through March 2010. A number of units will be established to push ahead with focused undertakings, and each of these units will have a leader, soon to be determined. The secretariat for this project will be staffed with full-time personnel, including a secretary-general and a deputy secretary-general.

In January 2008, NYK was honored to be chosen for a second straight year by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc. and Corporate Knights Inc as a member of the Global 100, the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

However, if the company should err in addressing environmental concerns henceforth, it would find it very difficult to survive over the medium to long term. With this acutely in mind, NYK will take a great leap forward to become the foremost organization in the world with respect to environmental protection to win even greater trust from society and its customers.


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