Ronn Motor Company HOD system for trucking & transportation Industries

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H2GOTM could decrease fuel consumption costs for industry by up to 25%

Ronn Motor Company, Inc. announced that the Company will target the Over-The-Road Trucking and Transportation Industries with the commercial launch of the H2GO’ Hydrogen On-Demand (HOD) fuel injection system.

CEO & President Ronn Maxwell stated, “It’s a great pleasure to announce that we will soon commence manufacturing of the H2GO’ brand on a commercial scale after successfully completing the Research and Testing Phase. The over-the-road trucking and long haul transportation industries are showing a great deal of interest in the H2GO’ system as it is a much awaited fuel efficiency aftermarket product. It is expected that it will save millions of dollars per year in fuel costs per company depending on the size of their fleets.”

In a recent news publication, one of the nation’s largest trucking companies is taking measures to reduce its fuel costs. Wisconsin-based Schneider National said it is dropping the top speed for their company’s 10,600 rigs to 60 miles per hour. The company, known for its bright orange trucks, said it will save nearly 4 million gallons of fuel a year. Schneider National further stated that it spends nearly $80 million in fuel costs per year.

In reference to the magnitude of savings this technology could achieve, Mr. Maxwell said, “We believe that installing a Hydrogen On-Demand fuel injection system on Schneider’s entire fleet could save it 25% or as much as $20 million in fuel costs with current prices at the pump. Over 930 trucking companies have gone out of business since January 2008 due to the high cost of diesel fuel.”

“This industry needs H2GO’,” commented Damon Kuhn, Chief Operations Officer of Ronn Motor Company. “Our HOD system is unlike any other on the market. H2GO’ is a highly engineered and advanced technology that uses proprietary and patented technologies. In fact, our HOD system is unavailable with any other system on the market today. H2GO’ further increases its advantages over other technologies since it uses the patented ProCooler’ which (1) reduces A/C refrigerant usage by 20% to 25%; (2) generates less drag on the engine, and (3) increases horse power by 5% to 7%. The overall effect is that this single element alone increases fuel mileage of 1 to 3 miles per gallon of fuel and adds an additional 10% to 15% in fuel efficiency.”

Hydrogen gases produced from the HOD system is the catalyst of real fuel efficiency. Gasoline alone utilizes 83% - 85% of available energy. With the introduction of hydrogen, it is possible to utilize 90%-95% of available energy. This modifies the combustion process resulting in a more complete fuel burn, thus increasing overall fuel efficiency.

The H2GO’ HOD system also utilizes an advanced proprietary piggy back electronic control module (ECM) that truly recognizes the actual mixtures of fossil fuels, oxygen and the gaseous hydrogen produced by the HOD system. Without this technology, the HOD system would not be able to accurately identify the mixtures of oxygen from the gaseous hydrogen and would result in more fuel being poured into the combustion chamber of the engine resulting in more fuel consumption. The original manufacturer vehicle onboard computer is not designed to recognize gaseous hydrogen and therefore fails accurate mixtures as is produced by the H2GO’ HOD system.


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