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New York Ports

NVOCC and Freight Forwarder Review

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Critical Commodities Conference held in New Orleans

By: | at 12:00 PM | Channel(s): Transport Intermediaries  

Critical Commodities Conference held in New Orleans The C.C.C. is the only conference of its kind that is tackling markets and transportation from a pure commodity standpoint; highlighting the major, highly sought-after commodities, and tying them together.

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L to R) Port of New Orleans President & CEO Gary LaGrange, Port of New Orleans Commercial Manager Lori Louviere, Port of New Orleans CCO Robert Landry
Photo by CCC
George Nahas – CG Railway
Photo by CCC
Mike Skahill – Smithfield Farms
Photo by CCC
(L to R) Richard Seeg – Intermarine, Reinder Schilsky – Fracht, Charles Duet – Osprey Lines
Photo by CCC
Matthew Goitia – Peaker Energy
Photo by CCC
Dan Dimicco – Nucor
Photo by CCC
(L to R) Stacey Lyons – CN, Janet Colley Morse – Dupuy Storage
Photo by CCC
(L to R) Keith McCready – Coastal Cargo, Thomas Wartell – pro golfer
Photo by CCC
Helge Hove Haldorsen – Statoil
Photo by CCC
Charles Nelson – Nelson Engineering
Photo by CCC

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