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Lognet Global Network

​Lognet Global Network – fully endorsed by WCA Family as a premier network for freight forwarding and logistics providers!

Lognet Global provides a premier platform for global logistics companies to be part of an alliance that will help their business develop and grow by linking them with partners around the world. Lognet Global STARTS by offering innovation to its members by providing a number of proven programmes that enables trust between members, ease of payment between members and will also provide conference and events for members to unite and build strong lasting relationships.

Lognet’s focus is on providing a high-level service and solution for freight forwarders and related Logistics providers. Whether new or well established, Lognet is for the new era and current generation of freight forwarders around the world.

What makes Lognet Global different from the other networks in the market? It’s the only network in the world that is fully endorsed and recommended by the WCA Family, the recognized flagship of logistics networking. Although it is a completely independent business, the WCA Family believe in and understand the importance of having a network that can offer benefits to members and can open new markets for those companies that cannot enter the WCA Family due to full memberships. It is the only network that has began its inception with a fully loaded suite of exclusive programmes and benefits that usually takes years to develop and implement.

How can Lognet Global help the new or well established forwarder? It has the resources, the people and skills, to assist with every aspect of marketing, advertising, website design, hosting and implementation, graphic design, event management and merchandising.

Lognet Global is 100% devoted to helping small, midsize and regional freight forwarders compete more effectively within the global marketplace.

Lognet Global aims to be one of the World’s largest and strongest organizations in this industry. By joining them together to enhance their service level and mutually develop business.

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