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Up for Grabs - Trans-loading in the Caribbean
Before its expansion, the Panama Canal was sending 4,500 TEU ships into the Caribbean with containers for trans-loading and final destination. Larger 8,500 TEU vessels transiting the Suez brought a little more volume to island hubs. Terminals in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic became trans-load centers for the Caribbean and US port range, while facilities in Colon could swing cargo to a wide range of destinations including South America.
Mega-ships breathe new life into Pacific trans-shipment
The age of Mega-ships has owners realizing new potential for positioning cargo.
Yangshan deepwater port – 8th wonder of the world
In 1933 Carl Denham called King Kong the 8th Wonder of the World. If he were alive today, actor Robert Armstrong might say that distinction belonged to Yangshan Port.
SIPG: the 800 lb gorilla takes on World Cup
World Cup, as you know is the premier event in world soccer, oh sorry, football! Nations vie for the prestige of hosting this gala event and the acclaim, which comes with that honor.
2016 Intermodal Expo
The 34th annual Intermodal Expo was recently held in Houston TX. Attended by over 130 exhibitors and 1,800 registered conference delegates, the Expo featured speakers representing leadership and innovation in intermodal goods movement.
PANYNJ Port Industry Day
The New York – New Jersey Port Promotion Association hosted their 16th annual event Monday at Liberty House in Jersey City, N.J. Turnout was strong and networking was brisk on issues from the Hanjin backlash to port productivity.
Industry expert opens Breakbulk event noting ‘uncertainty’ for project market
The project cargo market continues to face uncertainty, according to an expert keynoting a major industry forum.
A Shot in the Arm for Russian Cargo
Khabarovsk to Samarga: The Russian logistics firm Samarga – Holding has pledged to raise $6.5 billion to build a new railway corridor linking Eastern and Western Russia via connections between the Samarga River and the Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR).
Working through the Maelstrom – Hanjin’s Status
It will still be many weeks before the total effect of Hanjin’s bankruptcy can be measured. Not only are the vessels, their cargos and crews affected, but ports and labor have also been embroiled in this chaos.
Raising Crane – Getting a leg up on Ship-to-Shore Operations
Over the last several years, ocean carriers have been seeking to reduce operating costs through what they have termed “Economies of Scale”.
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