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Retailers: Thinking Outside the Box to Address Driver and Equipment Shortages
According to the American Trucking Association, there is a current shortage of about 51,000 drivers, which is impacting U.S. retailers, and it is predicted to get worse in the coming years.
What Lies Ahead in 2019? Continued Change for the Cold Chain
The cold chain for life sciences continues to undergo seismic change. In 2018, we saw an ongoing shift in the approach pharmaceutical manufacturers take to putting life-saving drugs in the hands of clinicians and patients.
C.H. Robinson’s Five Global Shipping Trends for 2019
Adapting to trends is crucial for success, so keep on top of industry shifts, and adjust your global shipping strategy accordingly.
What’s in store for 2019?
In 2019, many ocean carriers will be forced to sit longer at port waiting for trucks to pick up the cargo, which will prompt some to impose emergency intermodal fees or stop door delivery in response.
How logistics companies can thrive during disruption within the wholesale vehicle market
The growth and disruption of the digital marketplace is hard to miss in industries like retail and entertainment. A range of companies, including Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, are replacing the traditional businesses of yesterday.
FMC investigation backs port demurrage and detention charges but seeks more transparency
The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) approved the recommendations of Commissioner Rebecca Dye as set forth in her final report of the Fact Finding 28 investigation. Her recommendations also included the establishment of a Shipper Advisory Board.
CN eyes stake in Halterm container terminal in Halifax
Canadian National Railway is seeking to emulate its success on Canada’s west coast by establishing a bigger beachhead on the east coast by bidding, with an unidentified partner, to acquire a stake in Halterm Container terminal at the Port of Halifax.
Record iron ore shipments from Canadian Arctic to Europe-Asia
Iron ore shipping to world markets from the Canadian Arctic region has recently spiked significantly, responding to demands from steel producers.
Could quantum computers undermine the security of Blockchain transactions?
In 2018, blockchain transactions are on the rise for shipping, finance and other industries partly due to cryptographic structures which make financial transactions secure.
Helping startups succeed: Tips on choosing the right freight forwarder
Did you know that according to recent statistics published by Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups will eventually fail?
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