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Record iron ore shipments from Canadian Arctic to Europe-Asia
Iron ore shipping to world markets from the Canadian Arctic region has recently spiked significantly, responding to demands from steel producers.
Could quantum computers undermine the security of Blockchain transactions?
In 2018, blockchain transactions are on the rise for shipping, finance and other industries partly due to cryptographic structures which make financial transactions secure.
Helping startups succeed: Tips on choosing the right freight forwarder
Did you know that according to recent statistics published by Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups will eventually fail?
Will Trump back down on trade war?
With the mid-term elections last Tuesday seeing the Democrats take back the House of Representatives, many are questioning what this means in terms of Trump’s tough policies on trade with China - will he be forced to back down?
INTTRA to be acquired by E2open
This is the story of how two business verticals went horizontal and what it might mean for the future of logistics.
New Port of Oakland refrigerated warehouse claims 20% cost advantage over U.S. port rivals
Lineage Logistics and Dreisbach Enterprises held the official opening of their Cool Port refrigerated warehouse at the Port of Oakland. The opening featured a ribbon cutting with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and claims that Cool Port will export beef and pork with a 20% cost savings over rivals at other U.S. ports.
Creepy-crawly TV import spurs APHIS probe, reverse logistics
Cannibal arachnids imported from Mexico, trapped within TV screens, apparently aren’t an everyday occurrence.
AirBridge no longer just a boutique Russian air cargo carrier
AirbridgeCargo, has come of age. AirBridgeCargo Airlines, known mostly for its heavy lift capability, particularly the massive Antonov 124s, is part of the Volga-Dneper comprised of three cargo airlines: Volga-Dneper, AirBridge, and Atran.
Port of Rotterdam accesses inland terminal to move Heineken and other containers by water
Heineken, the Dutch beer maker, has been a pioneer in transporting containers by water rather than by truck to the Port of Rotterdam.
Big institutional investments in Quebec’s Ocean Group
Two large Quebec institutional entities in Canada’s French-speaking province have announced that they are taking a minority stake totaling C$112 million, invested in equal amounts, in Ocean Group, a maritime enterprise based in Quebec City specializing in harbor towing, dredging, marine equipment rental, shipbuilding and repair.
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