Autonomous Vehicles will improve mobility options for older americans and people with disabilities

Imagine you are the adult child of a senior citizen parent, and your mom or dad is mentally sharp and active but his or her reflexes and eyesight are not what they used to be just a few years ago. The ability to go to the grocery store, visit family and friends or make a trip to the doctor’s office is important to them and their self-esteem.

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How technology is impacting construction logistics plans

Despite the construction industry being one of the slowest to adopt new technologies unlike other industries, in the past few years the construction industry has begun to embrace new technologies and use them to their advantage and keep up with other trades. One of the most vital elements in all aspects in construction is productivity. The adoption of new technologies such as using a mobile based application helps improve construction project productivity in areas including materials management and tool use time, including time spent using drill rigs.

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How to get your parcel through UK customs

The moment your parcel is collected from you, whether it be at home or from your local post office, its journey begins.

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The Speech; The Response; The Hysteria; The Analysis; The Impact; The Unknowns

With public and private sector hysteria beginning to subside, an analysis of the impact of the statements by The Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, officials of the Trump Administration and Members of Congress and the texts (where available) of the announced policies and regulations to be implemented by the Trump Administration can commence.

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Disintermediation or innovation

Freight rate pricing, public or private? - Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere shares his insight with AJOT readers.

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The future of container shipping may be smaller than we think

In a post-commoditization era, niche ports will emerge as value differentiators.

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Remember railroads when talking infrastructure

In a time defined in large part by polarization and rancor, one area of public policy remains remarkably popular among the American electorate: reinvigorating U.S. infrastructure.

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The most promising markets of 2017: What’s hot, what’s not and how to stomach the risk in between

With 2016 properly packed away with the ribbons and glitter of the holidays, it’s time to face 2017, where new world leaders, political volatility and Mother Nature’s influence all promise to play influential roles. While the outlook for Emerging Market Economies (EME) going into 2017 is stable, uncertainty is on the increase with challenges stemming from the strong U.S. dollar and prospects for higher interest rates in advanced markets.

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Stopping Tank Corrosion in the Transportation Sector

In truck, rail tankers and beyond, Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics can stop corrosion, improve safety, extend equipment life and minimize maintenance and downtime

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Lack of federal funds is leaving ro-ro ports high and dry

With new vehicle sales and production in North America still running at record levels, the region’s vehicle-handling ports are running out of room. Larger vessels, sometimes arriving in bunches, are putting more pressure on terminals and yard space. Land for expansion, meanwhile, is hotly contested because port authorities have competing claims on its use, whether with the much larger container trade, or with real estate developers keen to invest in waterfront property.

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