Smarter Management of Multi-Brand Fulfillment in 3PLs

Many 3PLs, needing to better manage the diversity of e-commerce fulfillment and retail store replenishment for their client companies, are turning to more intelligent solutions, like warehouse execution systems (WES), to improve productivity.

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Lifting Gear: Age Awareness

Lifting gear failure can have dramatic consequences for both those directly affected and those held responsible. To ensure safe practice it is crucial that users are fully aware of issues surrounding Design Working Period and maintenance responsibilities, writes Ben Dobbs, Technical Manager at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

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Business risk in Indonesia amidst upcoming uncertainty

The forthcoming local and national elections in Indonesia will see the end of a period of relative calm.

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Is RoRo Shipping the right move for vehicle transportation?

When it comes to the international transportation of vehicles, importers usually prefer one of two major shipping methods: Container shipping and RoRo shipping. Basically, either one of these is quite practical and secure when it comes to the safe transportation of your vehicle. However, there are some consideration to be made in terms of whether or not RoRo is the better of the two options. So, today we discuss the benefits and flaws of the RoRo shipping methods, as well as the difference it has in comparison with container shipping.

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The law or politics?

In April 2017, a cargo phosphates was loaded on the bulk carrier NM CHERRY BLOSSOM at El Aaiun, Western Sahara. This was one of a regular shipment of phosphates sold fob by the Moroccan company, OCP SA, to the New Zealand Company Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd.

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Amazon and Uber Competing for Logistics

The logistics industry is expected to continue its rapid growth and tech giants Amazon and Uber saw the potential lying in this current situation. Last-mile delivery, trucking, automation - they have invested in a variety of logistic segments.

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Letter to the Editor: Sharing the Blame

Governors Phil Murphy (New Jersey) and Andrew Cuomo (New York) share equal blame with President Trump for failure to fund the $29 billion Gateway Tunnel.

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California High School Takes on Commercial Truck Driver Shortage

With a commercial truck driver shortage looming, a high school in Patterson, California decided to take a proactive approach by creating a truck driving school program dedicated to bring new drivers into the industry.

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Emerging markets in 2018: Risk and opportunity in the most promising countries and industries

The economic recovery in emerging economies is expected to continue strengthening in 2018, growing 4.7% and offering U.S. businesses plenty of opportunity for smart expansion.

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2017: the year the West woke up to the opportunities of the Belt and Road

In recent years, a global reorientation of global trade towards the East, aided by developments under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, has reshaped the port infrastructure landscape. Even as port operators look to adjust to changing economic trends, geopolitical imperatives, demographic shifts and technological innovation, opportunities are ripe for companies who can position themselves to take advantage of the challenges.

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