Stas Margaronis

Stas Margaronis

FMC investigation backs port demurrage and detention charges but seeks more transparency

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) approved the recommendations of Commissioner Rebecca Dye as set forth in her final report of the Fact Finding 28 investigation. Her recommendations also included the establishment of a Shipper Advisory Board.

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Could quantum computers undermine the security of Blockchain transactions?

In 2018, blockchain transactions are on the rise for shipping, finance and other industries partly due to cryptographic structures which make financial transactions secure.

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New Port of Oakland refrigerated warehouse claims 20% cost advantage over U.S. port rivals

Lineage Logistics and Dreisbach Enterprises held the official opening of their Cool Port refrigerated warehouse at the Port of Oakland. The opening featured a ribbon cutting with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and claims that Cool Port will export beef and pork with a 20% cost savings over rivals at other U.S. ports.

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Port of Rotterdam accesses inland terminal to move Heineken and other containers by water

Heineken, the Dutch beer maker, has been a pioneer in transporting containers by water rather than by truck to the Port of Rotterdam.

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In Rotterdam Green Acres Meet Green Seas

Rotterdam floating dairy farm proposes food delivery to coastal cities and emergency backup

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Cordero says 2017 was turn-around year for Port of Long Beach

In an interview, Mario Cordero, executive director of the Port of Long Beach, told AJOT that the Port has “re-established the same annual container volume in 2017 that it had processed before the 2008 recession.”

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San Francisco Port Director Elaine Forbes promotes $425 million seawall to combat higher sea level

Port of San Francisco Director Elaine Forbes urged November passage of a $425 million bond issue by San Francisco voters to rebuild San Francisco’s outdated seawall and combat higher sea levels caused by global warming.

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Rep Garamendi warns U.S. is vulnerable to Russian polar dominance of sea lanes

Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA) told California maritime executives that the US Coast Guard is “seriously underfunded” and lacks the heavy ice breaker fleet that Russia and possibly China might deploy to dominate polar sea lanes.

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Toyota wins Port of Long Beach approval for fuel cell powered auto terminal

Toyota has won approval to build its first zero emission auto terminal at the Port of Long Beach powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The current terminal will be renovated and should be operational in about eighteen months, according to a Toyota spokesman.

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Statoil/Equinor plans US $12 billion in renewable energy projects

Norway’s oil and gas giant, Statoil, which has been renamed Equinor, has made major investments in renewable energy technologies and plans for $12 billion more in the next twelve years.

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