Matt Guasco

Matt Guasco

Locking Through – New Challenges for Panama

With the transit last month of the “Cosco Pacific Panama” (9,472 TEU) through the new set of locks, Panama and the ocean carrier industry ushered in a new era in container shipping.

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Terminal Velocity – Automation in America

\As ocean carriers strive for greater productivity and less dwell time, terminal operators look toward automation as an answer to the question "How do I get containers in and out of my gates faster?"

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Don’t be fooled by VGM Look alikes

There's been so much written lately about SOLAS container weight verification (Verified Gross Mass or VGM) that it almost seems I am beating a dead, well you get the point.

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VGM much to do about Intermodal Cargo

I’d love to jump on the one size fits all bandwagon and tell you rail recorded weights will be used by the ocean terminal to verify inbound containers but that’s simply not true.

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Berth right: NOL-APL acquisition’s domino effect on alliances

With last month’s EC (European Commission) approval the remaining step in the privatization of NOL-APL is now for CMA CGM to buy outstanding shares (up to 90%) of NOL’s total stock.

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From Road to Ramp in half the time - BNSF RailPass

The BNSF Railway has rolled out an integrated dispatch system for pickup and delivery of ocean containers and domestic equipment at their major intermodal facilities.

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Transportation at what cost?

We always seem to forget the effect operating cost has on the supply chain. With fuel and transport rates forever in flux and on our radar, we tend to overlook the less noticeable “costs of doing business” that are not always measured in dollar values. These manifest themselves in port delays and increased transit time.

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Looking for America: Port Cooperation - is it a sign of the times?

Have mega-ship alliances hastened the age of the “Mega-Port”?

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Looking for America: Highways and Bi-ways in the Drive Act

I recently took a road trip from Connecticut to Iowa to connect with old college friends. While construction annoyed and delayed our travel it was a welcome sight considering that construction in and around major cities means that future travel will be smoother.

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