Paul Scott Abbott

Paul Scott Abbott

SMC3 attracts more than 500 to Atlanta for Jump Start 2017 logistics conference

Hitting a proverbial grand slam with more than 500 participants, SMC3 has once again provided ample opportunity for supply chain executives and technology providers to learn the latest about the logistics industry and, of course, to mix and mingle.

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Rail, trucking see cautiously optimistic 2017 outlook, say CSX, ODFL leaders

Rail and trucking sectors can be guardedly enthusiastic this year as Donald Trump assumes the presidency, a pair of industry leaders said today [Jan. 23].

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Trump presidency viewed as plus as ports seek infrastructure gains

Having Donald Trump in the White House is apt to help advance infrastructure improvements at ports and throughout the U.S. supply chain, the head of the AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities) said today.

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Industry expert opens Breakbulk event noting ‘uncertainty’ for project market

The project cargo market continues to face uncertainty, according to an expert keynoting a major industry forum.

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Hanjin box offloadings begin, some with ‘deliberate’ damage

With details generalized due to concerns of the beneficial cargo owner, the American Journal of Transportation today [Friday, Sept. 16] received a report that two containers of frozen fish offloaded from a Hanjin ship in the past week at an East Coast terminal had “crunched” doors and other highly unusual exterior damage.

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Georgia Ports launch rail initiative to reach into ‘new battleground’

A new strategic rail initiative aims to further expand the market reach of the Port of Savannah not only throughout the Southeast but also the Midwest.

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Gov. Pence visits North Carolina port

Count the Republican vice presidential candidate among those impressed with the North Carolina State Ports Authority’s Port of Wilmington.

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North Carolina Ports, CSX to begin Wilmington-Charlotte rail link

A new intermodal rail link to begin in September between the North Carolina State Ports Authority’s Port of Wilmington and the CSX intermodal terminal in Charlotte is being touted as a game-changer.

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E-commerce, lower East Coast rates, more inland ports offer opportunities for logistics

The logistics industry can expect to see increasing opportunities with the growth of e-commerce and greater demand for inland port facilities, while Savannah and other U.S. East Coast seaports can look to benefit from lower all-water rates, according to industrial real estate expert Curtis Spencer.

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Nucor exec opens New Orleans event with plea for infrastructure, fair trade

Fair global trade practices and greater U.S. infrastructure investments are essential to the success of American business, a steel industry executive said today [April 13] in opening the Critical Commodities Conference in New Orleans.

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