Port of Long Beach’s Cameron: Led Clean Air Action initiatives
On May 10th, Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero announced the passing of Rick Cameron, former Deputy Executive Director who died at the age of 51.
Congress considering national shipbuilding mobilization modeled on the “Chips Act”
U.S. House and Senate leaders are discussing a proposed ‘Ships Act’ to dramatically upgrade U.S. naval and commercial shipbuilding along the lines of the $52 billion CHIPS Act supporting...
Korea may challenge China’s dominance in ship to shore cranes at ports
Chinese ship to shore crane builder ZPMC, which has sold cranes to most of the world’s ports, may soon have a new competitor: Korea.
Major financing and operator decisions coming on Montreal’s big Contrecoeur container project
As the clock ticks away, so do construction costs escalate in a high inflationary environment. Delays on the Contrecoeur project could mean the Port of Montreal will not have the container capacity it wants in place by 2027 to meet expected demand and thereby continue to compete effectively against key U.S. East Ports in a strong expansion mode - buttressed by the Biden Administration’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure program.
Port of Los Angeles’ Seroka says 2023 “Has been a challenging year”
The Port of Los Angeles reported cargo volumes declined during first three months of 2023 compared to 2022.
CATO & congressional allies propose dismantling the Jones Act
At a time when the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) is tasked with producing a National Maritime Strategy to upgrade U.S. shipbuilding and shipping, the libertarian Cato Institute’s proposal is to repeal the Jones Act.
Port of Long Beach outlines 400 Acre “Pier Wind” offshore wind port
The Port of Long Beach has announced a bold plan to establish a 400-acre wind port called Pier Wind that could centralize the...
Customs brokers, forwarders & shippers ask Congress to change rail storage rules
More than seventy trade associations sent the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee leadership a letter asking for clarification regarding rail storage fees charged as part of international ocean shipping
Celico delivers masterclass in US-China trade relations at CONECT Conference
Amy Celico, principal at the Albright Stonebridge Group [part of Dentons Global Advisors] was a featured speaker at the annual CONECT (Coalition of New England Companies for Trade) Trade & Transportation Conference in Newport, Rhode Island April 11-13, 2023.
Proposed national maritime strategy will support U.S. maritime growth
The DOT’s U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) is now authorized to produce a National Maritime Strategy that would provide the basis for the United States to assess maritime shortfalls and address them through greater investment and/or policy changes, according to Sara Fuentes, Vice President of Government Affairs, Transportation Institute and Jonathan Kaskin, National Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Navy League of the United States.

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