US Footwear President worries about possible new tariffs
Matt Priest, President and CEO of the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) has expressed concern about possible new U.S. tariffs adversely impacting the industry...
The United States needs Pacific Rim collaborations
A Bi-partisan authored Congressional report says the United States has fallen far behind China in shipping and shipbuilding and needs to make the long-term investment to catch up.
Port of Los Angeles hit by 60 million monthly cyber attacks In 2023
Between 2014 and 2023 cyber-attacks against the Port of Los Angeles increased from 7 million attacks per month in 2014 to 60 million monthly attacks in 2023, according to Tony Zhong, Chief Information Security Officer, Port of Los Angeles.
Promoting Business-Friendly Regulations: How to work productively with town officials
It’s a Presidential election year, and everyone’s mind is on the November ballot box. What’s going to happen in Washington, and how will that affect the business operating environment?
Equinor says Scotland floating wind turbine flaw has been repaired
Defective bearings in wind turbines powering the first floating offshore floating wind farm, located off the coast of Scotland, have been replaced, according to the Norwegian wind farm operator Equinor.
Steel prices soften, bucking inflation
Steel is an essential component for the construction industry, and any price reduction is welcome. But what gives? Why is steel getting cheaper while costs for other materials are rising?
Strike action by BC ship and dock foremen averted by “rescind” decision ordered by Canada Industrial Relations Board
A strike slated to start by 600 unionized ship and dock foremen in British Columbia has been averted because of a decision announced Sunday by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.
Yusen Terminals faces tough road to zero emissions: Part II
On June 25th Alan McCorkle, President and CEO of Yusen Terminals located at the Port of Los Angeles showcased the acquisition of new battery-powered top handlers that will speed the transition from diesel technology to zero emission technology.
Yusen Terminals’ McCorkle says zero emission transition is expensive but will result in long-term savings: Part I
In an interview with AJOT, McCorkle provided a very detailed breakdown of the challenges facing a marine terminal transitioning from diesel to zero emissions but concluded that the transition would eventually save terminals money
America must renew its commitment to maritime
The United States must renew its commitment to a strong, reliable American maritime capability to confront emerging threats. China’s aggressive shipping expansion poses significant challenges to the United States and our allies.

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