Texas ports looking to reopen by next week in Harvey’s wake
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, key Texas ports have sights on reopening by early next week [the week of Monday, Sept. 4].
Will cyber hacking continue to plague transportation?
Maersk's recent attack left a black mark on the reliability of global documentation. Working through the backlog of issues, the mega carrier admitted this attack took its toll not only on container operations but on customer confidence. If a transport giant like A.P. Moller could be hit with the Petya virus, what are the chances that your data can remain secure?
Port of Oakland On Track For 2% Growth In 2017
In an interview, Zampa said more 14,000 teu vessels are coming to Oakland with the result that there are less vessel calls but more productivity as the Port handles more containers.
Clearing the Air, Ports Step up to Green Initiatives
The Ports of L.A. and Long Beach rolled out their 2017 “Clean Air Action Plan” (CAAP) this July aggressively stepping up air quality standards for the region.
Port of LA’s Seroka Projects a 9% Increase in 2017
Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka told AJOT he expects a record number of containers to be handled by the Port in 2017: “We expect 2017 to be a strong year and we are looking at a 9% increase over Calendar Year 2016.”
LA Port’s Seroka Says Proposed Container Staging Facility Will Boost Productivity
The Harbor Performance Enhancement Center (HPEC), a public private partnership between the Port of Los Angeles and a consortium organized by Los Angeles financier Jonathan Rosenthal, plans a container staging terminal facility. This will increase productivity at the Port by 10% or more.
Republicans Seek recall of Democratic State Senator who voted California gas tax
Gas tax was proposed for rebuilding freeways & roads – San Pedro Ports could be impacted
Hard cargo in a Cloud based world
In Norway there’s a company called Nimber which offers a unique courier service. You might call them the UBER of goods movement. The firm matches people who need to send things with people willing to “bring” them. They claim to accept everything from Cakes to Couches and initially, all this takes place in the cloud!
Port of Vancouver rejects feasibility of think-tank recommendations on privatization
The largest Canadian port has strongly rejected the conclusions of a just-released think tank report recommending that Canada’s four leading ports should be privatized so that several billion dollars in additional funding could be allocated to such other national infrastructure projects as public transit and new highways.
Teamsters continue pickets at LA/Long Beach
Truck drivers continued picketing container terminals at the Ports of LA /Long Beach Wednesday slowing truck traffic at some terminals.

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