Port of Vancouver rejects feasibility of think-tank recommendations on privatization
The largest Canadian port has strongly rejected the conclusions of a just-released think tank report recommending that Canada’s four leading ports should be privatized so that several billion dollars in additional funding could be allocated to such other national infrastructure projects as public transit and new highways.
Teamsters continue pickets at LA/Long Beach
Truck drivers continued picketing container terminals at the Ports of LA /Long Beach Wednesday slowing truck traffic at some terminals.
Global maritime shipping industry needs better data sharing
A new study, “Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain: Innovation That’s Driving Maritime Operational Transformation,” says that importers, exporters, container carriers, terminal operators, vessel owners and other stakeholders suffer from poor visibility and predictability around shipments and are losing money due to a lack of partner synchronization and insufficient data insight.
The Speech; The Response; The Hysteria; The Analysis; The Impact; The Unknowns
With public and private sector hysteria beginning to subside, an analysis of the impact of the statements by The Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, officials of the Trump Administration and Members of Congress and the texts (where available) of the announced policies and regulations to be implemented by the Trump Administration can commence.
Agriculture exporters worry ocean carrier consolidation undermines service
A panel of agricultural exporters speaking at the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AGTC) Annual Meeting in California on June 7th are worried that new ocean carrier alliances may be hurting service and costing shipper’s money.
A helping hand in the Gulf
His friends and colleagues would say of Jerry Nagel that he was a dedicated and passionate maritime professional.
Jones Act under fire, battle lines drawn
Last week CBP withdrew its proposed change to the Jones Act exempting the carriage of offshore drilling material and supplies by all but U.S. flag vessels. The ruling sparked a heated controversy among industry associations and trade unions who lined up on both sides of the issue.
Logistics facing talent shortage, Georgia summit attendees told
The logistics industry faces a serious labor shortage, according to opening session speakers at the Georgia Logistics Summit
In the Wake of the Titanic - Icebergs in the North Atlantic
On the evening of April 14th, 1912, the HMS Titanic was making her way from Southampton to New York. Steaming off the coast of Nova Scotia she collided with an Iceberg at 11:40 pm. By 2:20 am after taking on water along her starboard side, the “unsinkable” vessel foundered, broke apart, and sank with over a thousand souls onboard. In response to this tragedy the International Ice Patrol (IIP) was set up to monitor the flow of icebergs within shipping lanes between Europe, Canada and the United States.
Disintermediation or innovation
Freight rate pricing, public or private? - Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere shares his insight with AJOT readers.

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