EXIM Bank - Open for Business?
Last week “The Citizen” announced that China’s EXIM Bank has secured a $7.6 billion loan to upgrade the Central Railway Line in Tanzania from narrow to standard gauge.
Northwest Seaport Alliance – Berth of a Mega Port
With the creation of the NWSA in August of 2015 the ports of Seattle and Tacoma integrated their operations forming a mega complex spanning 25 miles of Puget Sound. So what’s happened in the year that followed?
North Carolina Ports, CSX to begin Wilmington-Charlotte rail link
A new intermodal rail link to begin in September between the North Carolina State Ports Authority’s Port of Wilmington and the CSX intermodal terminal in Charlotte is being touted as a game-changer.
The “FAST” ACT in Motion
In December President Obama signed the bill into law authorizing $305 billion in federal funds over five years for rail, highway development, public transportation and motor vehicle/motor carrier safety not know as FAST.
Dangerous Ground – The Lawless Sea
It was announced last week the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines in their dispute with the People’s Republic of China over territorial claims in the South China Sea. Shortly after the announcement, Beijing rejected the ruling as illegal while Washington immediately chimed in with a statement that The Hague ruling was both legal and binding.
Olympic Challenge – Brazil
With the games just around the corner, the official website Rio 2016 says, “Rio is ready to welcome the world”. But is it really?
Locking Through – New Challenges for Panama
With the transit last month of the “Cosco Pacific Panama” (9,472 TEU) through the new set of locks, Panama and the ocean carrier industry ushered in a new era in container shipping.
Terminal Velocity – Automation in America
\As ocean carriers strive for greater productivity and less dwell time, terminal operators look toward automation as an answer to the question "How do I get containers in and out of my gates faster?"
Don’t be fooled by VGM Look alikes
There's been so much written lately about SOLAS container weight verification (Verified Gross Mass or VGM) that it almost seems I am beating a dead, well you get the point.
VGM much to do about Intermodal Cargo
I’d love to jump on the one size fits all bandwagon and tell you rail recorded weights will be used by the ocean terminal to verify inbound containers but that’s simply not true.

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