Using Transportation Invoice Data to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Empowering transportation business leaders to see the detailed actual emissions coming from each shipment, based on vehicle, lane and mode
How warehouse solutions can help navigate 7 disruptive supply chain trends entering 2023
Even though it might not always seem like it, things are getting better across global industry supply chains that have been impacted since the pandemic. As shipping ports are easing up, companies are proactively investing in new technologies and building contingency plans in hopes of making their supply chains more resilient and agile.
Crowley’s plans for offshore wind complex at California’s Humboldt Bay
On October 27th Crowley Wind Services signed an agreement with the Port of Humboldt Bay to exclusively negotiate to be the developer and operator of a terminal to serve as California's first hub for offshore wind energy installations.
In Uncertain Times Supplier Relationships are More Important than Ever
Pricing is above pre-pandemic levels and trucking capacity remains scarce. And even when you can get a truck confirmation, it may be a gamble whether it will show up on time at either the origin or the destination.
Port of Long Beach’s Cordero says you can’t keep a good port down
Mario Cordero, executive director, Port of Long Beach outlines the challenges and expresses optimism for the Port’s future in an interview with Stas Margaronis, AJOT’s West Coast correspondent.
New Quantum System will create “untappable” communications for Port of Rotterdam
In October, the Port of Rotterdam announced that it will be implementing a quantum communications system to provide secure communications for Port customers that cannot be tapped.
POLB’S Tomley addresses zero emission truck & equipment challenges
The remarkable progress the ports have actually made in slashing emissions and the unsympathetic response from the air quality regulators is a testament to the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.
ILWU clerks shut down Port of Oakland
Port of Oakland container terminals were shut down this morning as a result of a labor action initiated by clerks represented by International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 34, according to sources at the Port of Oakland.
How to get a clearer picture of customer demand to gain more efficiency
The transportation sector is still plagued by bottlenecks, so it's essential to take a step back and better understand consumer demand, which will enable you to estimate demand more precisely and effectively. Anita discusses  why this is crucial and what may occur if you don't have a firm grasp on demand. After that, she discusses how understanding demand may make transportation businesses more effective and offers some strategies for using the data at their disposal to anticipate demand in advance and improve efficiency.
Importance of inland waterways stands out with Mississippi River low-water emergency
Mississippi River barge traffic paralyzed by low water emergency.

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