Port of Long Beach: After Slangerup
The departure of Port of Long Beach CEO Jon Slangerup comes at a time when the port is facing a number of challenges related to the downturn in international trade, the cost of capital improvement projects and the implementation of a new energy program.
Looking after the Crew – Hanjin’s Legacy
The transport community is reeling from last week’s unexpected bankruptcy. Containers are stranded at ports worldwide. Ships lay at anchor, embargoed from terminals that fear they will be seized and held once docked.
Ocean Alliance(s) – Connecting the Dots
In the name of operational efficiency and improved service, COSCO, CMA CGM, China Shipping, Evergreen and OOCL agreed this spring to enter into a consortium they would simply call “the Ocean Alliance”.
Pilotage issue creates stir at Canadian ports conference
Sparks flew over high pilotage costs on the Great Lakes at a Canadian ports conference held a Thunder Bay, on the tip of Lake Superior.
Hanjin Shipping Problems
The financial collapse of Hanjin Shipping has hit Seaspan Corporation with a double whammy.
Hanjin Bankruptcy Will Have Global Impact
The bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping Company will have long-term disruptions within the global supply chain and freight rates for imported containers to the United States may rise as much as 54%, according to one report.
American Flag Carriers – An industry on the move
Commercially approved carriers provide the backbone of service for the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and the Department of Defense (D.O.D) U.S. Transportation Command. They serve Jones Act trade routes and play an important part in moving material and equipment when U.S. Flag Carriage is required. What’s happening in the industry?
Stopping Tank Corrosion in the Transportation Sector
In truck, rail tankers and beyond, Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics can stop corrosion, improve safety, extend equipment life and minimize maintenance and downtime
PMSA Says California Must “Accelerate Public Investments” To Meet Sustainable Freight Goals
California’s recently announced Sustainable Freight Action Plan calls for truck, rail and waterborne transportation to dramatically reduce carbon emissions by 2030, and will require California to “accelerate public investments” in the maritime, trucking and rail sectors, according to the Pacific Merchants Shipping Association (PMSA).
Gov. Pence visits North Carolina port
Count the Republican vice presidential candidate among those impressed with the North Carolina State Ports Authority’s Port of Wilmington.

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