AFS Logistics (, a non-asset based, non-asset biased third party logistics (3PL) provider, announces it has been named a top 3PL technology company by Inbound Logistics magazine, with its AFSmart suite recognized as a best-in-class solution. AFSmart Audit, one of the tools that makes up the integrated AFSmart package, is also a CIO 100 award winner, named by to its annual list of 100 innovative IT solutions that deliver business value.

“Logistics operations face significant challenges, from constant disruptions and complicated pricing to lack of visibility and invoice overcharges,” says Nathan Johnson, Chief Information Officer, AFS Logistics. “AFSmart is the robust technology suite that logistics professionals need to handle logistics data with the level of speed required by today’s complex market.”

The technology suite offers responsive controls, clear visuals and intuitive navigation and search functions for instant access to relevant data, presented through a unified, cohesive user experience. The AFSmart platform consists of several cloud-native tools designed to help logistics professionals automate their operations and more effectively manage their logistics networks across modes of transportation.

• AFSmartAudit (CIO 100 winner) – Freight audit and payment (FAP) processing solution that provides a comprehensive view of freight expenses across modes to uncover and resolve overpayments, billing errors and discrepancies, while identifying new opportunities to streamline processes.

• AFSmartTMS – Transportation management system (TMS) that allows users to stop wasting time searching for critical information and instead rely on an intuitive, state-of-the-art portal that fully integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manage everyday freight tasks in one location, from creating quotes and bill of lading documents to confirming shipment information and filing claims.

• AFSmartTrack – Provides full shipment visibility with real-time updates and analytics for all inbound and outbound freight, equipping users with the most informed perspective for critical logistics decisions. Users can get regular, daily reports with key metrics to help manage operations with greater efficiency.

• AFSmartClaim – Automates the creation, tracking and management of overage, shortage and damage (OS&D) claims for faster, easier resolutions and access to additional LTL coverage. Integration with AFSmartTMS allows for easy retrieval of key documents, information, contacts and more.

• AFSmartAnalytics – Provides easy access to a comprehensive range of critical metrics through standard or customized reports, including high-level aggregate data sets and transactional metrics to track lanes, carriers, accessorials, spend, service levels and more.