Big Log Morocco completed RoRo Shipment of Manitou equipment from Khouribga City, Morocco to Dakar, Senegal.

Project Details:

- Details of the load (size/weight/dims): MT1740 SLT / 11 440 KG EACH / 5,98 m*3,82 m*2,60 m

- Port of Loading: Casablanca Port, Morocco

- Port of Discharge: Dakar Port, Senegal

Moving the Manitou equipment presented challenges. The Big Log team had to oversee road transportation from a rural area near Khouribga city, ensuring secure lashings for the journey. On the administrative side, The Big Log team worked to get approval to move the Manitou to CASABLANCA Port. After clearance, the equipment was shipped to Dakar port using shipping line services.