Crowley has won the design and production contracts for a 92-foot Tier IV ship assist tugboat for owner-operator Crescent Towing.

The new tug design offers enhancements from the existing Crowley Engineering Services-designed tugs for Crescent, including additional horsepower that increases the vessel’s capability to meet demanding operational requirements. Advancing the high-performing fleet, the tug will feature twin Caterpillar 3516E Tier IV engines providing 80 tons of bollard pull and a combined 6,000 horsepower, adding nearly 700 more horsepower.

Crowley Engineering Services will also provide the shipyard production package to improve efficiency of vessel construction and allow for more modern, modular and efficient construction. Crescent has begun construction of the new tug at Blakeley BoatWorks in Mobile, Alabama, and plans to add the vessel to its Mississippi River ship assist fleet.

“We are thrilled to continue to work alongside Crescent Towing and Blakeley BoatWorks, building on the success of our previous tugboat designs,” said Coulston Van Gundy, vice president of Crowley Engineering Services. “Through collaboration on the design and production engineering, we are able to integrate operator requirements into the vessel’s production process, providing a seamless construction process for the shipyard.”

Upon completion, Crescent will operate the new tug in New Orleans. This is the eighth Crescent Towing tug design provided by Crowley Engineering Services and the second to be built by Blakeley BoatWorks.