In an emotional ceremony held at ZIM headquarters in Haifa, Angelina Egorenkov received the official appointment of captain from ZIM President and CEO Eli Glickman this morning.

Egorenkov, a graduate of the Marine Institute in Akko and a multidisciplinary bachelor's degree from the University of Haifa, began her maritime career as a cadet on the company's ships in 2003. In 2010, she began sailing as an officer on the company's ships, and in 2013 she was appointed second mate. From 2017, she sailed on the company's ships as a chief mate and passed the tests for the rank of captain in June 2021. A professional committee headed by ZIM's VP of Global Operations, David Arbel, approved and recommended her appointment as acting captain. During December, she will receive command of the ZIM Qingdao, which operates on the ZIM Container Service Atlantic (ZCA) line from the Mediterranean to the United States East Coast.

The rank of captain is the most senior in the merchant fleet, a position that requires extensive professional knowledge, thorough training, and maritime experience, along with the ability to command a professional team of officers and seafarers. The ship's captain has the utmost authority and responsibility for a huge ship that transports millions of dollars' worth of goods around the globe in the face of complex professional challenges.

From left to right: Eli Glickman, President & CEO of ZIM, Captain Angelina Egorenkov, her life partner, Yael Shalev and David Arbel, VP Global Operations Photo credit: ZIM

As you may recall, in April of this year, ZIM appointed for the first time Captain Shani Ben-David, a groundbreaking event in the Israeli merchant fleet.

Eli Glickman, President & CEO of ZIM: "I am very pleased to give the appointment to Angelina Egorenkov, who proves once again that women can reach any professional peak. ZIM continues to support and promote women who choose the unique career of an officer in the merchant fleet, as well as in all areas of the company's activity, as part of our vision and values.”

David Arbel, VP Global Operations, and Head of marine manpower at ZIM: "I am very pleased to award the appointment to Angelina Egorenkov, an outstanding officer who has stood out for her professional skills throughout her maritime career, and wish her great success in this challenging role. I hope that she will also serve as a model for other women who will follow in her footsteps."