In preparation for the launch of SACP 3.0, Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) welcomes the first shipment of CCM new build container chassis, which arrived in Savannah this month. Scheduled to start in October, SACP 3.0, the next generation of chassis pool provisioning in the South Atlantic, will be comprised of 50,000 modernized chassis to service 75 locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina.

“As we welcome these new CCM SACP 3.0 chassis, we prepare for a new era in chassis provisioning in the South Atlantic. In addition to infusing a modernized chassis fleet into the region, SACP 3.0 offers a revolutionary chassis provisioning model that ensures capacity and scalability designed to accommodate the growing and evolving market dynamics in the South Atlantic,” said CCM CEO Michael Wilson. “We are building on a strong foundation built by SACP 2.0, which is consistently the best performing pool in the U.S.”

From left: Griff Lynch, GPA Executive Director; Michael Wilson, CEO Consolidated Chassis Management; and Ed McCarthy, GPA Chief Operating Officer

SACP 3.0 has been developed by the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (OCEMA), the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), Jacksonville, FL, Port Authority (JAXPORT) and the North Carolina States Port Authority (NC Ports) and Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), which operates the pool, based on a single provider model, rather than the existing multi-contributor chassis pool.

“The chassis is an essential tool in the intermodal workshop, critical to terminal efficiency and supply chain fluidity,” said Griff Lynch, GPA Executive Director. “This endeavor not only ensures the steady, environmentally sound and reliable equipment we need to keep cargo moving, but it also represents a great result of industry collaboration.”

The newly arrived chassis were manufactured by Randon in Brazil and leased to CCM by Triton. The chassis were delivered by sea into Savannah. Chassis will continue to be delivered over the next six months via various locations for SACP 3.0 to meet its October operational requirements.