Forerunners Consulting today announced its official launch to the market. Founded by two experienced consulting leaders, Geoff Milsom and Jesse Gates, Forerunners helps companies across sectors with services including but not limited to supply chain and transportation strategy, system selection and implementation, sourcing, and digital transformation.

Supply chain and transportation challenges have continued to evolve as organizations look to improve and scale operations to keep up with growing demand. Forerunners provides a more focused and less obvious approach to reshaping and transforming companies, delivering high-impact solutions and quick return on investment.

“The way we approach supply chain and transportation challenges is both a mindset and a discipline,” said Jesse Gates, Partner at Forerunners Consulting. “We want our prospects and clients to think critically based on what we can help them achieve. We strive to always provide the best fit solution and develop thorough strategies that encourage tough conversations. Coupled with different analysis and practical roadmaps to execute against, we can uncover and/or define opportunities along the way that they didn’t even know existed.”

Forerunners is made up of top supply chain talent and a deep understanding of market trends and industry best practices, ensuring profitable, measurable, and practical outcomes for any supply chain and transportation operation. Additionally, Forerunners remains committed to third-party/vendor-agnostic practices when it comes to software and service providers to ensure clients are implementing high-quality solutions to meet their business objectives.

“There is a strong need for supply chain and transportation consulting services that can provide high-value, quality solutions, and quick return on investment, as most businesses are still navigating economic downturns and trying to keep up with the ever-growing list of the latest technology,” said Geoff Milsom, Partner at Forerunners Consulting. “Our prospects and customers can be confident that we will not only deliver unique methodologies based on their needs, but clearly define and uncover additional opportunities for growth along the way.”

Forerunners Consulting offers a unique set of differentiators:

• Shapes strategic vision while holding clients accountable

• Deep understanding of available tool sets, data models, and integration techniques 

• Software vendor-agnostic

• Advances go-to-market strategies in new (or existing) service offerings

• Focuses on short, high-impact engagements to secure targeted strategic outcomes economically

• Consideration of mergers and acquisitions when crafting the strategic roadmap for clients

Additional Forerunners Consulting team members include Jaclyn Wilton, Senior Consultant and Cameron Brinks, Manager.