Intercomp, a worldwide manufacturer of fixed and portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, has expanded their weight and balance expertise to the autonomous trucking sector.

There is already considerable investment into safety testing, development, and validation of automated driving systems. Because vehicle weights have a dramatic effect on steering, maneuverability, braking and acceleration, weight and balance procedures are a critical part of any development program. There are several scale lines recommended for measuring autonomous trucks: LS630-WIM™, LP788™, LS-WIM™, and LTR788™.

The LS630-WIM™ Portable Weigh-In-Motion Scale is a hybrid system that brings together our experience in both WIM technology and our long history of developing innovative portable truck scales. The LP788™ Low Profile Scale features the same benefits as standard portable truck scales, with a lower overall height making it easier to drive onto the scale. The in-ground LS-WIM™ Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale saves time by keeping traffic moving while accurately capturing weight related data. the LTR788™ Dual Wheel Load Scale is a recently developed product which was created for direct measurement of individual tire loading in a dual-tire configuration.

Intercomp utilizes highly accurate strain gauge load sensing technology which is widely accepted as the most accurate and reliable means to weigh a vehicle. Each Intercomp scale enhances research and development efforts, ensures safety compliance and regulation, and helps lead to better overall fuel efficiency.

For over 40 years, Intercomp has provided superior-quality portable and in-ground weighing systems, along with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, for a wide range of industries. As the axle-weighing specialist, Intercomp’s static wheel and axle scales and dynamic weigh-in-motion systems are designed with the most innovative technology in the world.