Today marks the inception of Greensee, a pioneering sustainability business dedicated to providing unparalleled shipment emissions calculations and energy reduction solutions for the intermodal transportation industry.

Greensee is set to unveil its commercial services in Amsterdam at Intermodal Europe on the 10th of October.

The global intermodal transportation industry plays a crucial role in the modern economy, but it also generates a significant amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Greensee was founded on the belief that there is a pressing need for innovative and practical solutions to reduce emissions based on trusted data as the foundation.

Key features and offerings of Greensee:

• Advanced Emissions Calculation: Greensee employs a patented digital twin and state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver shipment emission calculations across all intermodal modes of transport, spanning from trucking to shipping containers.

By harnessing IoT data in conjunction with third-party sources, Greensee has cultivated a proven capability to compute intermodal shipment emissions with an impressive precision rate of 99% when real-time IoT data is accessible, and an approximate 95% accuracy rate even without real-time IoT data.

• Customized Sustainability Strategies: Greensee specializes in crafting bespoke sustainability strategies and solutions that help businesses identify, implement and track energy reduction initiatives. By furnishing valuable insights and actionable recommendations, Greensee empowers companies to make well-informed decisions, yielding reductions in both costs and environmental impact, often reaching up to 15-20%.

Greensee solutions include voyage and route optimization and other operational efficiency solutions for predictive maintenance and fleet optimization.

Greensee co-founder, Don Miller expressed excitement about the company's inception, stating, "At Greensee, we are driven by a passion for sustainability and a vision of a greener future for the intermodal transportation industry. We recognize that data and technology are now readily accessible and the market for sustainability solutions is primed for transformative innovation. Greensee places data ingestion at the forefront because we firmly believe that the seamless integration of GHG emission and energy reduction data will deliver substantial value to a diverse range of customers, centralizing these critical insights within their core operations. We are dedicated to supporting our customers, both large and small, every step of the way on their developmental journey."

Greensee invites businesses across the globe to join the sustainability revolution and take meaningful steps toward reducing their carbon footprint. Together, the global shipping industry can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.