Locus, a global last-mile logistics technology company, announced the launch of ShipFlex, a third-party delivery platform that provides businesses with the flexibility to fully outsource their deliveries to a wide range of delivery carriers. ShipFlex helps businesses expand their reach and achieve break-neck delivery speeds, enabling them to offer same-day and next-day delivery capabilities in new geographies.

Inefficient carrier selection, capacity management, lack of real-time order visibility, etc., are some barriers that can hamper a business’s ability to make quick deliveries. Locus ShipFlex addresses these complexities by automating entire carrier workflows for the optimal price and delivering end-to-end visibility of order-to-doorstep deliveries across in-house, contracted, and outsourced fleets on a single dashboard. The platform also gives businesses access to Locus’ global carrier partners, such as FedEx, RPX Logistics, Loomis Express, Shadowfax, SPL, etc., helping them with their delivery orchestration in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner.

"Predictability and transparency are the two pillars of modern-day logistics operations. To efficiently manage the colossal order volumes, achieve lightning-fast deliveries, and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience, businesses need to have full control of their last-mile operations", said Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Locus. "ShipFlex is a result of our years of logistics industry experience and customer feedback. Through the integration with our dispatch management platform, ShipFlex will solve industry pain points by streamlining the entire last-mile fulfillment cycle, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience. ShipFlex is a game-changer for businesses that need fast, predictable deliveries to stay competitive."

Retail businesses like Lulu Group International are adopting Locus ShipFlex to achieve a competitive edge. Here’s what they have to say:

"As customer demand skyrockets, the complexity of managing our carrier network has proven to be a huge optimization opportunity. With Locus' ShipFlex, we can streamline third-party deliveries with rich carrier integrations, real-time tracking, and more on a single dashboard. This has enabled us to take full control of our third-party order-to-delivery process, operate more efficiently, and ensure timely deliveries, resulting in an enhanced customer experience", said Shinhas Majeed, Group General Manager - eCommerce at Lulu Group International.

By deploying ShipFlex, businesses can also:

• Reach customers on-demand with hyper-local delivery: Same-day or next-day delivery can be offered to customers in the local area, providing an unparalleled customer experience.

• Maintain a branded experience with third-party carriers: Businesses can share customizable end customer-facing tracking pages while maintaining a consistent visibility and delivery experience through 3PLs.

• Enhanced post-purchase experience: Visibility is ensured at every step for dispatch managers and customers alike. ShipFlex allows the automation of SMS and email alerts to notify dispatch teams and customers of SLA breaches in real-time, delivering a positive customer experience.