Minimum is an Emissions Data Platform that gives enterprises total visibility of their emissions, and control over every aspect of carbon management. Minimum provides enterprises such as Octopus Group, Radisson and UK Power Networks with real-time visibility of emission data from all corners of their operations (including complex supply chains), empowering organisations throughout their decarbonization journey.

According to Net Zero Tracker, a third of the world’s biggest companies have made net zero pledges, but many are falling behind their sustainability goals. As businesses race to reduce their carbon emissions and reach Net Zero targets, a single system of record for emissions is pivotal to setting targets and tracking commitments accurately.

Helping Businesses Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Founded in London in 2020 by Freddie Evans (CEO), Chris Winchurch (CPO), and Freddie Green (COO), Minimum’s cutting-edge technology and team of industry experts from organisations such as The Carbon Trust help businesses understand and take control over their emissions. Its carbon accounting solution provides insight into emission hotspots within a business (such as supply chains or logistics) and therefore the areas where carbon reduction initiatives will lead to greater impact. For firms with investments and stakes in other companies, Minimum provides oversight on the emissions of these assets.

Once an enterprise has a detailed account of its value chain emissions, and identifies the hotspots that should be targeted to reduce emissions, Minimum’s end-to-end carbon management system provides actionable pathways to achieve Net Zero, ranging from energy efficiency improvements to sustainable procurement practices. Enterprise organisations across all sectors can then set and achieve science-based emissions targets, and assign ownership over each part of their carbon footprint to stakeholders and employees.

Minimum’s carbon management tools can also generate emissions reports according to present and future global environmental disclosure requirements, providing much needed consultancy on regulatory compliance and adhering to the standards of bodies including the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).

The Fight For Net Zero

Climate change and rising temperatures are the most urgent issues facing our planet today, and reducing enterprises’ carbon footprint is critical in the fight against climate change. The energy of commercial buildings alone accounts for 6.6% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Alongside this, according to a recent McKinsey survey, 66% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase. As people demand more from the companies they buy from, Minimum offers a meaningful solution to the growing calls for businesses to reduce their emissions.

“The world has been slow to move on climate action, but there is now a direct incentive for businesses to pick up the pace,” comments Freddie Evans, Minimum CEO. “Sustainability is becoming a major competitive advantage because consumers are, quite rightly, demanding it. Green credentials are now a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have, and carbon emissions will soon hold as much weight as traditional success metrics when it comes to evaluating business performance, strategy and risk.

“If firms want to decarbonise by up to 90%, they can’t afford to not have visibility over their current emissions. With Minimum, enterprises have comprehensive carbon footprinting and world-class experts at their disposal to facilitate their net zero transition.”

"Minimum has really understood our complex business model,” adds Lucy Ronan, Impact and Sustainability Manager at Octopus Group. “The solution calculates and tracks our footprint, shows our progress, and highlights where we can have the most material impact. It's been crucial in developing our reduction strategy.”