In a recent operation in the northeast of England, a Modulift spreader beam was used to carry out a lift for a national ship repair company. The primary goal of the lifting project was to re-calibrate a vessel crane.

The lift featured Modulift's MOD110H Spreader Beam with a 2.5m EWL (Equalized Working Load). This spreader beam provided the necessary support and stability for the crane calibration process.

To ensure accurate crane calibration, the lift employed modular, interlocking test weights from Test & Lift Engineering Services. These weights, combined with a test weight cradle, securely locked the weights into position. This not only maintained the integrity of the lift but also adhered to strict safety standards.

Andy Clark, Director at Test & Lift Engineering Services said “The crane underwent calibration at various loads up to 140,000kg. This comprehensive calibration process spanned several days, highlighting the precision and attention to detail required for the successful completion of the project.”

Sarah Spivey, Managing Director at Modulift said “This successful collaboration between Modulift, Test & Lift Engineering Services, and the national ship repair company showcases the effectiveness of advanced lifting solutions in critical industrial operations. The seamless integration of Modulift's Spreader Beam and the careful implementation of test weights demonstrates the commitment to safety, efficiency, and accuracy in lifting operations.”