Q1 2024 Highlights

The Q1 2024 BlueGrace Logistics Confidence Index reveals intriguing trends in the logistics industry. Confidence in revenue remains stagnant or shows a slight decline. However, there is a notable uptick in confidence regarding inventory rebuilding, which can be attributed to the recent gains in retail markets. This increase in inventory confidence shows little movement orders volume.

These dynamics collectively suggest a strategy focused on holding margins which in turn could facilitate inventory clearance that should maintain volumes. It's a compelling snapshot of the market's current state and potential future directions.

Would you be interested in arranging an interview with Jason Lockard, SVP of Managed Logistics, or Mark Derks, Chief Marketing Officer, to delve into the findings and explore the implications for shippers, carriers, and consumers in the first quarter of the year? Please reach out with a date and time that works best for you.