Geis Air + Sea has moved into a new air freight warehouse in CargoCity South at Frankfurt Airport from 01.03.2023. CargoCity South is the most important European hub for global freight logistics. The biggest advantages of the location are access to its own customs border district, direct apron access, a direct link to the airport and its location within the Rhine-Main region.

The Frankfurt branch will move to a new office building within CargoCity South in July 2023. With the move, Geis Air + Sea will create a modern office of the future, including creative zones as well as a new working environment with a feel-good atmosphere for its employees.

In the course of planning the move, Geis Air + Sea also re-evaluated its previous warehouse location outside CargoCity South and found its new warehouse in the same building as the new office. The air cargo warehouse covers an area of 10,000 sqm and enables 24/7 service for air cargo imports as well as exports. The construction of own air cargo pallets and ULDs by trained personnel is made possible by a state-of-the-art slave pallet system.

Furthermore, the warehouse has two of its own x-ray machines, which are also in operation around the clock. An explosives trace detection system (sniffer), trained explosives detection dogs (EDD) and other security methods round off the service as part of the secure supply chain. The warehouse is video-monitored and, depending on the specifics of the cargo, it can be stored in a high-bay warehouse, valuables room or refrigerated container.

Another major advantage is the electronic data exchange between the warehouse and the new office, so that all documents can be recorded promptly and smoothly. In addition, the handling partners own express ramps ensure fast storage and retrieval for the various air freight carriers.

The new air freight warehouse will be used not only by the Frankfurt location, but also by the entire Geis Air + Sea team in Germany in a second, downstream step from July 2023, e.g. for the deconsolidation of international consol air freight imports or for Europe-wide fine distribution to the end customers.