OEC TV, the free television platform created by global logistics company OEC Group, will be launching a new channel and delivering six new episodes on December 1, 2023.

The new videos include a story on relevant shipping people who are buried in New York City’s Woodlawn Cemetery, a new Logistics Corner episode, a satirical reading of Eric Carle’s Ten Rubber Ducks, a new adventure in “I am Kai,” Governor Youngkin’s speech at this year’s Virginia Maritime Association’s conference, and the Ocean Carrier Market Outlook panel from this year’s VMA conference.

Specifics about the programs that will be released in December 2023 are as follows:

  • I Am Kai (Entertainment Channel): In this episode, viewers are introduced to Payday, the evil crime boss, and Kai’s biggest adversary.
  • Ten Rubber Ducks (Entertainment Channel): Logistics Insurance Manager, Joe Klobus, gives an “Oscar worthy” satirical reading of the popular children’s book.
  • The Logistics Corner (Business Channel): This month, our experts battle it out over a variety of issues affecting the logistics industry including the ILA labor negotiations and nearshoring trends.
  • Buried in New York City’s Woodlawn Cemetery (History Channel):Viewers will get an in-depth look at the lives of Hermann Oelrichs and Herman Melville
  • A speech by Virgina Governor Glenn Youngkin (Library of Conference Channel): Watch Governor Youngkin’s entire speech delivered at this year’s Virginia Maritime Association Conference
  • Complete and Unedited Panel Discussion (Library of Conference Channel): Watch three carrier presidents discuss a variety of topics concerning the shipping industry at this year's VMA Conference.