Polar Leasing Company, Inc. (PLC) announces its fleet of rental walk-in units now feature the industry’s most innovative internal and external smart technology to improve and control temperature consistency, product integrity, energy efficiency and safety.

KE2 Therm Solutions technology, used in select Polar Leasing walk-in cold storage units, ensures the most accurate temperature verification, which is crucial in many industries, particularly pharmaceutical applications. The KE2 Therm Solutions is available within two Polar Leasing walk-in units: the WL820 Temperature Cold Room and the DT820RP Redundant Walk-In Cooler and Freezer.

Bart Tippmann, president of Polar Leasing, says, “These state-of-the-art controls also help keep costs down by improving energy efficiency by as much as 50% and protecting the integrity of products for a longer duration.”

The WL820 Temperature Controlled Cold Room is an 8’x20’ ground-resting unit designed specifically for the pharmaceutical cold chain, with temperatures ranging from 0°F to -22°F. The DT820RP Redundant Walk-In Cooler and Freezer is engineered for customers with precise temperature requirements. Each unit is temperature validated and features a redundant refrigeration system.

A combo display on the outside of every walk-in unit monitors both temperature and light and features a temperature alarm. Remote connectivity capabilities give users access to real-time control, alerts and data 24/7.

Internally, there is a KE2 Therm controller on each of the evaporator coil. These two controllers are synchronized to provide even run time of the redundant systems, with one operating as primary and the other as a backup. Most pharmaceutical operations require redundant systems to ensure internal products remain consistent.

Polar Leasing outdoor walk-in freezer and refrigerator rentals are delivered pre-assembled and ready to operate with a simple electrical connection. The innovative units are American-made, simple to set up and feature a small footprint.