• The Board of Directors has approved the concession, which is granted until 31 July 2025, and is extendible.
  • The total planned investment of this project is €3.2 million.

The Port of Barcelona's Board of Directors agreed yesterday to grant AC House Barcelona, S.L. (linked to Dortoka Disseny S.L) an administrative concession on an area of 2,250 m2 located on Espanya wharf where the old IMAX building is located. The concession, which is granted until 31 July 2025, and is extendible, is to be used for building a dissemination center for the 37th America's Cup.

The concessionary company will cover the costs of refurbishing the building and the necessary investment for all activities to take place inside it. The total planned investment is €3.2 million.

The project as submitted provides for the creation of a space to publicize the 37th America's Cup before the competition begins. To this end, AC House Barcelona, S.L. plans to open the information center to the public this summer.

This concession is expected to generate interest for Barcelona residents and tourists alike.

Other resolutions of the Management Board

The Management Board of the Port of Barcelona has agreed to withdraw the tender called for Cruise Terminal G after an internal analysis carried out based on inquiries placed by the companies interested.

Rendering of the interior of the America's Cup dissemination centre.