Deltamarin Ltd has signed an agreement that names Texas-based GEM Marine LLC as its representative in the United States. Both companies are committed to decarbonizing the shipping and offshore energy sectors, and the cooperation maximizes the strengths of both.

Deltamarin and GEM Marine have been developing solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of shipping operations, which simultaneously increase safety and efficiency. Together, they are seeking opportunities to promote their expertise to serve the current and future needs of the maritime transport sector in inland waterways, coastal or short sea areas, and ocean shipping.

Deltamarin has a long history of innovative designs for many types of vessels and is recognized as a leader in the design of sustainable and future-proof vessels. GEM Marine is a relatively new company, but its founders have long experience and leadership in vessel design, construction, and operation.
Esa Jokioinen, Sales and Marketing Director of Deltamarin, says “The competences of GEM Marine and Deltamarin complement each other, and give us an excellent opportunity to expand our offerings and increase customer value in the international market.”
David C. Shirah Jr. COO and VP of Marketing of GEM Marine LLC continues “Working with Deltamarin will allow GEM Marine to offer expanded capabilities, as our company focuses on sustainable shipping and reducing or eliminating emissions. Deltamarin’s recognition by the shipping community is an ideal conduit to introducing and promoting our game-changing services and technologies to the international market.”