Trailer Bridge, Inc., a full-service transportation solutions provider, today announced the growth of its leadership team to support the company’s strategic growth initiatives. Scott Douthitt, based in, Houston, TX, has been named Vice President of Logistics, and Kyle Jones, based in, Jacksonville, FL, Vice President of Sales.

The announcement follows news shared earlier in Q4 that the company had named Eric Masotti, President of Logistics, and Indie B. Bollman, Chief People Officer, signaling the company’s focus on its goal to become the international leader in light-asset based logistics.

Industry-veteran, Scott Douthitt, has been with the company since 2019, and has more than 30 years of experience in transportation and logistics. Scott started as the Houston Branch Manager for Trailer Bridge and was promoted to Vice President of Logistics. His primary focus in this new role is to execute the company’s successful implementation of a new TMS and to expand the company’s logistics operations in North America.

Scott Douthitt, Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones, who has more than 15 years in transportation and logistics, began his career at Trailer Bridge in 2012. To-date, Jones has supported the company’s asset-based business in the Caribbean, as well as Trailer Bridge’s full-service logistics solutions in North America. In his new role, he will be responsible for, not only expanding the company’s Caribbean services, but leading the company’s growing business development team in North America.

“Both Scott and Kyle represent the best of the absolute best in the logistics industry, each embodying the culture of service we have here at Trailer Bridge,” said CEO Mitch Luciano. “Their experience in all aspects of the supply chain supports not only the growth of our company but also the growth of who we are to our customers.”

Scott has been instrumental in the company’s adoption of a new TMS platform, MasterMind™, developed by industry pioneer Jeff Silver. The strategic partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems is part of the company’s evolution, to better serve its customers. and create visibility into freight movements across any mode of transportation or warehousing. Kyle will support the implementation process of the new technology through his vast experience in the domestic and international trade.