Trucker Tools, the logistics industry’s leading freight visibility provider, announces its partnership with Samsara, pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud. This integration partnership allows drivers and carriers to use the Samsara ELD to digitally track loads for freight brokers via Trucker Tools’ real-time freight visibility software platform.

Integration between Samsara ELDs and Trucker Tools’ real-time load-tracking software platform can be achieved by drivers with a single click. To integrate a Samsara ELD with Trucker Tools, truckers can activate via Samsara’s App Marketplace. Once connected, in-transit data is transmitted from the ELD to Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility software for smoother, more efficient workflows in their daily operations.

“Our integration partnership with Samsara helps brokers meet high shipper visibility KPIs and also accommodate driver and carrier preferences around digital load tracking technology,” said Kary Jablonski, Trucker Tools’ C.E.O. “For truckers and carriers, this partnership is about convenience and automation. Once a trucker consents to tracking with a Samsara ELD, tracking starts and continues automatically until turned off by the trucker.”

This newest ELD integration partnership is one of more than 90 integration partnerships that Trucker Tools maintains with leading ELD providers. This investment in ELD integration drives higher tracking success and greater visibility of freight for brokers.

“It’s no secret that end-to-end freight visibility benefits everyone in the supply chain,” says Sean McGee, VP of Product, Platform & Infrastructure at Samsara. “Our partnership with Trucker Tools allows freight brokers and 3PLs on Trucker Tools’ platform to accommodate ELD freight tracking, which has become increasingly popular among drivers and carriers in recent months.”

Jablonski added that freight broker customers who combine ELD-integrated and app-based load tracking with the Trucker Tools app achieve on average tracking success rates above 90 percent.

The Trucker Tools mobile driver app, which was launched in 2013 and to date has been downloaded by nearly 2.5 million truckers, is among the most popular apps with truckload operators, consistently ranking as the most downloaded app in transportation each month. The Trucker Tools mobile app is available for both Android- and Apple-powered smartphones and is provided free of charge to independent truckers and small fleets.

Trucker Tools’ comprehensive Smart Capacity software platform provides predictive freight-matching, automated booking, GPS-driven automated tracking and digital document management to more than 350 leading freight brokers and 3PLs.