Research has shown that nowadays, 90% of transformation programs fail to meet the expectations outlined in the business case, marking a drastic increase of 20% compared to the same figure 40 years ago*. Some argue that digitalisation is a double-edged sword because its transformative nature often means that there are no set rules to follow.

Is digitalisation making us struggle more than ever before? If this is not the case, what are the underlying reasons that companies struggle to achieve digital success?

Indeed, digitalisation offers near-endless opportunities, providing shipping companies with the ability to rethink and redefine various processes for the better.

The key question, as eloquently addressed by Michiel Marelis, Operations Director at Chemship, in an interview for the latest DA-Desk e-book, is this: "There are many promising opportunities to pursue, making it difficult to determine where to specialise and begin, especially true for seafarers without an IT background."

The e-book explores the seven imperatives for success in the digitalisation of shipping operations. It provides a set of ready-to-use questions, analyst commentary and cross-industry examples to address key operational issues and topics in your journey to realise your digitalisation ambitions.

The seven imperatives for digital success featured include:

1. Choosing the right processes to automate and transform

2. Defining in detail the benefits and changes required

3. Prioritising communication and collaboration

4. Securing visible support from leadership and change champions

5. Knowing your audience - users, the C-suite or both

6. Considering ongoing factors like user experience, onboarding and support

7. Measuring effectively against your stated expectations

Digitalisation is reshaping the very nature of the shipping industry. Companies that fully embrace the digital drive are experiencing a remarkable increase in operational efficiency, moving towards a new era of profitability and competitiveness. With over two decades dedicated to serving the maritime industry, the team has developed leading technology solutions and collaborated with organisations throughout their digitalisation journeys.