WARP, a tech-enabled network of cross-docks and carriers specializing in middle-mile solutions, today announced Frazer Kinsley as a Director of Business Development.

Kinsley brings a plethora of CPG supply chain experience both from his latest role as the director of consulting services at Extensiv, co-founder of successful 3PL, Hook Logistics, and managing partner at Kinsley Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund focused on CPG/DTC brands. As Co-Founder at Hook, Kinsley was responsible for servicing SMB ecommerce brands in all stages of production, QC, freight, customs clearance, distribution, fulfillment, and reverse logistics.

At WARP, Kinsley will work closely with Bill Bence, Head of Sales, to bring technology and scale to WARP’s SMB customers enabling them to compete with bigger players in the industry. Utilizing his deep experience within the supply chain and logistics industry, Kinsley will be responsible for managing major client relationships and building new ones with an eye toward evaluating what works and changing what doesn't. Kinsley’s track record of servicing SMB brands as a 3PL in addition to his overarching view of the CPG and DTC landscape will help WARP to nurture and develop a rapport with key customer accounts.

“When I first met with Troy and Daniel it was clear that they both saw the logistics industry through a different lens than most people,” said Kinsley. “We all shared a vision that the right technology will allow SMBs to ‘own’ their supply chain if given the right tools and assets to do so. That’s where WARP comes in, we are not reinventing the wheel here, we’re providing a new set of wheels from the ground up to enable our customers to provide a better experience and level of service.”

In his previous role at Extensiv, Kinsley worked to leverage his 3PL experience to enable brands, private warehouses, and 3PL operators to better serve their customer base through increased operational efficiencies, tech adaptation, and tailored service offerings. Kinsley will continue to serve as a managing partner at Kinsley Partners, which allows him to have a drone-level overview of economics of early-stage investments in the CPG/DTC brand space, providing WARP with actionable insights and links to growing brands.