Woodland Group has announced the newly attained Customs CFS status of their New Jersey facility. In addition to Woodland Group’s CFS-approved warehouse in Chicago, the New Jersey location has now expanded its service offering to import air and ocean CFS freight handling alongside its existing international freight handling, air cargo screening and transfer services, transload, cross dock, air and ocean export consolidation as well as long, medium and short term storage solutions.

'A' classified, spanning 70,000 square feet, and strategically located close to the main airports and ocean terminals of New York and New Jersey, Woodland Group Elizabeth, New Jersey, is the supply chain company’s largest US facility. Its recently achieved CFS status complements the Group’s extensive Customs Brokerage services, which include:

• Customs compliance consultancy

• Duty Drawback

• Licensing Requirements

• Risk assessment

Woodland Group New Jersey delivers:

• Expedited breakdown and dispatch of import freight

• Export consolidation services

• Import and Export Airport Transfers to include loose cargo, air sheets, and ULD containers

• CFS services

• Verification and supply of weight, dimensions, and labeling

• Client Web-Portal access for timely, up-to-date information

• TSA certified air screening (Daily ETD, X-ray and K9 screening)

• Ability to handle Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL)

• Cross dock & transload services

• Break Bulk, Heavy Cargo, and Oversized Cargo

• Easy pickup and drop-off

• Fully secured facility with camera monitoring and TSA certified employees

• Packing and crating services onsite

• Storage (floor and racked) and Warehouse Distribution

• Transload and Cross Dock

• Inventory Management and E-comm Fulfilment Services

• 3PL

• B2B & B2C Solutions

• Amazon FBA

• Cloud-based WMS client portal

• Domestic and International distribution

Whether you’re an industry leading manufacturer or fast-growing e-commerce business, Woodland Group’s bespoke fulfilment solutions support your every need. A growing carbon-conscious fulfilment offering coupled with carbon reporting of multi-modal transport chains provides visibility of and opportunity to cut your supply chain’s carbon footprint.

“I am thrilled to announce that we have attained CFS status at our facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This marks a significant step in our commitment to enhancing our US warehousing operations and expanding our comprehensive logistics and compliance portfolio of services for air and ocean imports into the ports of New York and New Jersey. This latest investment is testament to our dedication to creating opportunity and providing top-tier supply chain solutions and controllable end to end costs for our valued clients. Now being able to offer complete deconsolidation for air and ocean imports to be customs cleared in our facility in New Jersey gives us full control and visibility of goods arriving into the ports of New York and New Jersey as part of our global consolidation services. This complements our existing, long-established capabilities in the facility such as storage, distribution, air and ocean export consolidation, fulfilment, cross-dock and transloading services. Handling customs clearances in our own facility provides complete visibility to our own in-house Woodland Brokerage customs team as well as our customers through our one-stop digital supply chain management platform, Woodland Online.” Dan Williams, Director of Woodland Group USA, commented.