In late summer, discussions began between clients and the R&B Projects team to find the best solution for shipping 3 mobile harbor cranes from Ras-Al Khaimah, UAE, to Egypt.

Each crane weighs 420 tons, each 40 meters high…dinosaur shaped. Through detailed studies and market checks, R&B Projects has discovered that the crane's shape played a positive role in this perspective, because of the heaviest weight-part was concentrated on the lower part of the crane main bodies.

Easier said than done, the client managed, via the original fabricator, successfully secured all necessary technical papers, enabling them to limit their possibilities, and target a few candidate shipowners only, supplying the right ships in the right place with the right gear and the right location.

Yesterday, after detailed planning on all sides for lifting, rigging, and lashing, considering heavy points, Centre of Gravity, etc., the ship's gear smoothly managed to lift the cranes onto the deck of the ship.

Lashing was another skilled task, that was completed before the ship could set sail to Egypt.