Bayonne Bridge Raise the Roadway Project is also to be Recognized

Newark, NJ - Brad Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of XPO Logistics and a pioneer in the logistics industry, will receive the 2017 Connie Award presented by the Containerization & Intermodal Institute in Newark, NJ on Monday, December 11. The industry-wide luncheon event that will honor Mr. Jacobs will be held at a newly renovated location, The Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ. CII will also recognize The Port Authority of NY & NJ and other organizations involved in the Bayonne Bridge Raise the Roadway Project.

Each year, Connie recipients receive recognition with the prestigious award for their significant contributions to containerization, world trade and the transportation field, and are acknowledged for their innovative spirit, as well as for the positive example they set for individuals who will be the future of the industry.

Brad Jacobs is the architect of the industry’s most exciting success story. He founded XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO) in 2011 based on his belief that the logistics industry offers exceptional potential for growth. Under his leadership, XPO is using its technology and scale to transform how goods are moved around the world for customers. Today, XPO is a top ten global provider of cutting-edge supply chain solutions and generates approximately $15 billion of revenue. The company operates in 31 countries, with 1,435 locations and more than 90,000 employees serving over 50,000 customers. XPO’s service offering includes leadership positions in the fastest-growing sectors of the industry. The company is a leading intermodal provider in North America, with a national drayage network. Globally, XPO is the second largest freight broker and the second largest contract logistics provider worldwide; in the United States, the company is the largest last mile logistics provider for heavy goods, the largest manager of expedited shipments, and the second largest provider of less-than-truckload transportation. In Europe, XPO owns the largest road fleet and is the largest provider of outsourced e-commerce fulfillment.

“Brad Jacobs represents the true entrepreneurial spirit that has embraced containerization and intermodalism over the last 60 years,” said Brendan McCahill, Chairman of CII. “The success of our industry rests on our ability to add value for customers through supply chain efficiency, a quality that defines XPO Logistics.”

CII, founded in 1960, has been presenting the Connie Award since 1972 and it has become the most coveted honor in the field of containerization and its ancillary industries. Among some 60 recipients to date are Wolfgang Freese, Helen Bentley, Claudio Bozzo, Evergreen Group Chairman Dr. Y. F. Chang, Malcom McLean and Carol N. Lambos.

The Bayonne Bridge Raise the Roadway Project allows megaships to reach terminals west of the Bayonne Bridge which are those in Newark Bay as well as Staten Island. This endeavor elevated the roadway that links Staten Island, NY with Bayonne, NJ, raising the navigational clearance under the Bayonne Bridge from 64 feet to 215 feet, thereby allowing larger, modern container ships to travel under it. The project commenced in 2013 and was completed on June 8, 2017.

“This has been an innovative and monumental project that will breathe new life into the bi-state port,” said Mr. McCahill. “As our organization recognizes endeavors that enhance the movement of containerized cargo, it is only appropriate to honor this incredible project.”

At the event, CII will also carry out its industry education mission by presenting scholarships to students studying logistics. CII has given nearly $800,000 for higher education under its auspices since 1992. Any company has the opportunity to support ongoing industry education by purchasing scholarships through CII, for as low as $1,000.