FREEPORT, TX - During the commission meeting held July 19th, Port Freeport presented the inaugural PORT Award to the Brazoswood Goddard Rocket Team led by Mr. Dale Hobbs for their outstanding achievement in the SystemsGo Rocket Competition.

Members of the Rocket Team presented their project to the Port Freeport Commission and guests, highlighting the planning and design, construction, and obstacles overcome throughout the process leading to a successful launching of their rocket.  Following the presentation, students and their guests were honored with a reception and opportunity to showcase the actual rocket that was launched.

Port Freeport presents Brazoswood Goddard Rocket Team with the PORT Award.
Port Freeport presents Brazoswood Goddard Rocket Team with the PORT Award.
“Every vessel begins its journey with the launching of a historic maiden voyage. Today, Port Freeport commends the Brazoswood Goddard Rocket Team on the momentous launching of their rocket with the presentation of The PORT Award,” said Port Freeport Executive Director/CEO, Phyllis Saathoff. “Leadership begins with a vision.  It cultivates creativity, takes risks, and empowers for the future.  Port Freeport proudly commends our leaders of tomorrow.”  

The PORT Award recognized the team for their Perseverance, Originality, Resourcefulness and Technical excellence.  In June, the Rocket Team, consisting of thirty students from Brazoswood High School’s Rocket Engineering II Class, successfully launched their 20-foot rocket to an altitude of over 28,500 feet traveling at a speed of Mach 2.2 at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. 

 “As a community, we couldn’t be prouder to have these students representing our area in this capacity and look forward to their continued successes,” said Port Commission Chairman, Paul Kresta.

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